Golden Relaxation Remedy




Calming, Stabilising & Healing

This is our take on the traditional Five Flower Essence, Dr Bach’s Emergency Stress Formula or RESCUE REMEDY™.

The most widely used of the Bach flower remedies, which is composed of: Clematis, Impatiens & Rock Rose (Dr Bach original formula) with Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem (added by Bach’s followers) and Gold (added by us).

The “Formula” is believed by its users to have  tranquilising effect in acute situations including anxiety, asthma, bereavement, hysteria, labour pains, migraines, physical trauma and, when applied topically, is believed to be useful for bruises, burns, cuts, animal or insect bites; it is recommended by its enthusiasts following physical or mental trauma.

We have taken it upon ourselves to add Gold (Aurum metallicum). Aurum is the sage, the wise counselor, who has experienced all things and attained to wisdom. The innocence of a child and the enlightenment of a seer are united in gold. Gold in its highest form no longer seeks, it has found; it no longer believes, it knows. Gold asks that we trust and dare, for only when we trust can we surrender, and only when we surrender can we fully receive – even that which lies beyond the north wind!

Directions for Use: Place 4 drops on or under the tongue 4 times Daily or as required in a taste free Mouth. Relax afterwards.

Ingredients: Tasmanian Spring Water, Bass & Flinders “Ochre” Fine Aged Brandy, Dr Bach’s Flower Essences: (Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem), Aurum metallicum 16X.


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