Who we are and what we do.

Dr (Osteo) Nicholas Dawkins BSc(ClincSc)MHSc(Osteo), AdvDipWestHerbMed 
Registered Osteopath & Medical Herbalist

Dr (Osteo) Joshua Maguire BSc(ClincSc)MHSc(Osteo), AdvDipWestHerbMed 
Registered Osteopath & Medical Herbalist

Dr (CM) Alastair Evans BAppSc(HumBiol/ChinMed) 
Registered Chinese Medical Practitioner

Garry & Lesley

Farm Owners

Garry & Lesley are Nick’s parents; we are all eternally and continuously thankful for their assistance, advice and understanding in supporting us in all aspects of our journey through herbal medicine and life. They graciously, allow us to use their land, and often lend a hand when things get hectic! Without their generosity none of this would be possible and our herbs would have nowhere to grow.

Dr Lisa Roberts PhD.

Visual Artist, friend.


The Limbo, Lisa Roberts Collection.

“I make art to reflect movement, change and transformation that are vital for a healthy relationship with the natural world. My contributions to the Limbo Collection are freely provided to celebrate my long relationship with Nick and Josh, and the philosophy we share, of the necessity for art and science in all we do. My art reflects my experience as a dancer and my knowledge of primal forms that shape all living things and relationships.

All works are for sale.
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