Skin & Body Care

Proudly a Brand Tasmania Partner

We Maynot be a big company but we love doing the things the big guy’s do but without ripping anyone off or using sub-standard ingredients. 

We also refuse to spend thousands of $$$ on packaging and boxing.  This means we can deliver to you the highest quality ingredients for a reasonable price.  It also means that we are able to recycle packaging that comes when we buy something to post our products to you.  So if ya want a pretty box go buy one and you can put our product in it when you get it (please dont be offended if your package comes to you in a re-used light globe or pasta box, its good for the planet!).

We grow the majority of the ingredients we use in our products. If we cannot because it’s a tropical plant or a rare or exotic ingredient we buy it from the most ethical source we can find, if it’s not ethical or sustainable we won’t buy it.

All of our products are made rigth here in Launceston, Tasmania (Australia).