Mid-Year Break 2022 We will be CLOSED 30th of June 2022 – 18th of July 2022

Last orders will be dispatched on Wednesday 29th June 2022

The herbs have all gone to bed and the shortest day has just passed, spring is on it’s way. Before the busiest time of the year, in the herb garden, we are closing to do stock take and take stock.

Both Maynõt and Limbo will be closed online and physically from the 30th of June 2022 until the 18th of July 2022. 

Feel free to call, leave messages, email and purchase pre-purchase products via the Maynõt online store. Orders will not, however be sent until the week commencing the 18th of July, nor will message or email services be attended/responded to.

The Limbo Osteopaths will be unavailable, and the Clinic reception will be unattended during this time. No messages, email or online services be attended/responded to during this time.

Maria will still be working, for Remedial Massage, contact her directly for appointments.

Maria Ascuii

Remedial Massage Therapist

Ph: 0409 902 809

Email: your.massageappointment@gmail.com

The Limbo Osteopaths are NOT taking bookings for new clients.

If you have booked online & have not been to Limbo before you will automatically have the appointment you have made cancelled without notification. We are available by booking only & turning up to the practice without a booking, will not result in a booking being made.

If you are an existing Limbo Client, please feel free to Book Online for available appointments from Monday 18th July.

Handcrafted by Tasmanians, using natural and organic plant materials in Tasmania from Tasmanian ingredients.

We grow the plants, make the ingredients (where possible) and then use them to make our products by hand, in small batches, ensuring the highest quality. If you have any issues with any of our ingredients or products please let us know, we are striving to be as ethical and environmentally conscious as possible.

FREE FROM: Petrochemical, Synthetic Preservative, SLS/SLES, EDTA, Parabens, Synthetic Soaps/Detergents, Artificial Colours, Scents & Bad Stuff!

Our products are combinations of herbs, homeopathics, flower essences & tissue salts, which have been used by many cultures & traditional medicine systems for millennia. Please do not be offended if we refuse to sell you a product; your health & wellbeing are our primary concern, if we do not think a product is suitable for you, a personalised & clinically appropriate preparation can be compounded for you, after a consult with one of our nationally qualified & registered practitioners in the Limbo Clinic.

All of our products are Vegan. (Unless they contain Beeswax) Tested on doctors & our Mums, NOT animals!

We may not and do not make any claims about the effectiveness nor safety of any of our products in accordance with T.G.A. & A.C.C.C. legal guidelines governing cosmetic, therapeutic, complementary and herbal products in Australia.

Use of any product is completely at your own risk, unless prescribed by a qualified & registered practitioner.

Plant material where possible is sourced from our Tasmanian herb gardens & the community. It is processed as soon as possible after identification and harvest.

If we are unable to grow a plant for any reason we source plant material from the freshest, most ethical source we can find. If you know or think you have a Medicinal Herb, Tree, Plant or Fungus etc. growing, and are not currently using it please let us know as we may want to make something from it or know someone who needs it.