Floral Refresher




Heady & serene, use for refreshing yourself or your surrounds. Let yourself float through the day!

Spray 2-3 times into centre of room, or into cloud & walk through mist.


Ingredients: Ethanol, Solubiliser (Almond & Coconut derived), Rosehip T, Rosebud T, Evening Primrose T, Magnolia Flower T, Peony Root T, Linden T, Lemon Balm T, Dan Shen T, Olive FE, Wild Rose FE, Self-Heal FE, Rescue Remedy FE,  Boswellia Serrata EO, Frankincense EO, Cedar Wood EO, Bergamot EO, Lemon Myrtle EO, Rosa Damascus EO.T=Tincture, FE=Flower Essence, EO=Essential Oil.

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