The Man Pack



For men who are as brave as women when it comes to taking care of their appearance, but lack the time and application. Our Shave and Clean can be used to cleanse your face and for the hair removal process, saving you minutes. The Hand & Body Lotion is great for repairing damage from working in your garden, at your site, or at your desk. There is also a jar of Revivify which has all the stuff girls rave about like Hyaluronic Acid, MSM and CoQ10.

Annoy people this Christmas by appearing younger than you did last year!

1 x Shave n Clean (100mL)
1 x Olive Mosituriser (100mL)
1 x Hand & Body Lotion (100mL)
1 x Revivify (50mL)

Magnesium Moisturiser included in Picture is currently unavailable