Magnesium Box



We Like Magnesium. Its good on you, in you and when you’re in it. So we gathered all our Magnesium products together in a pack.

Firstly our Herbal Magnesium cream, great for sore and aching muscles, as well as Magnesium Saturate for you to soak in. However Magnesium is also great for you skin, so there is a Magnesium Moistuiriser. Then you can choose either Reficiō or Revivify to really give your skin a treat. Both these products also contain Hyaluronic Acid and MSM which hydrate and nourish skin, while attacking fine lines and wrinkles

1 x Magnesium Saturate (500mL)
1 x Herbal Magnesium (100mL)
1 x Magnesium Moisturiser (100mL)
1 x Revivify OR Reficiō (50mL) (Let us know which is your preference, Revivify OR Reficiō, otherwise we will include the one we feel like!)